Upon the Week's End

HE weather seems not to wish to cooperate, but if it should, the girls and I shall attend the Bledsoe's Fort trade fair upon the morrow. So far today it has rained to excess, flooding the immediate area in a most inconvenient manner. The skies are grey and there seems to be no break in sight.

Rose is in need of a new dress and I believe that the Irish Maid shop will be set up and open for business. I will trade in some of Rose's older clothing for credit toward the new dress. Rose is very excited. Giv'n the shoddy and threadbare nature of her current clothing, I too am excited.

After the Bledsoe fair, I will be traveling East again to Martin's Station to aid in the defense of the Station against the local savage. I have made arrangements to stay with Doc Muzzy in his tent. It is my sincere hope that the weather will be favorable whilst I am there, and I will be able to sleep in the fresh, open air. I will begin packing on Sunday evening for the journey.  


The Clerk said...

Safe journey and fair weather await you all in your travels.
The Clerk

Randall Baker said...

Oddly enough, I stumbled upon your blog after attending the Colonial Fair at Bledsoe's Fort yesterday. Great blog you have here!

Keith said...

I like the picture on the right, I assume it is male. I notice that the buttons on his coat are on the left hand side!? Or is the slide back to front?
Regards, Keith.