Thrice Stung at Loudoun

HAVE time but for a brief report from my time at the garrison weekend at Fort Loudoun. I was coaxed into the mater red uniform of the Independent Company by Lieutenant Anderson.

I wore the wool breeches and waistcoat, I have not been that hot in quite some time. I have gained a new respect for the boys in their regimentals.

On Saturday, the girls and I took our trenchers and waited in line for the community meal. As I waited, a wasp flew up the back of my untucked shirt and stung me on the right arm thrice before I could snatch it off!

Needless to say, my arm is still quite swollen and painful. It has been a long time since I was stung by a wasp. As a boy, a cousin and I were playing and disturbed a wasp nest. We could not get away quickly enough!

After supper, the girls and I went down to the water and swam, accompanied by some of the boys. The cool water relieved my arm a bit and served to wash away the sweat of the day.

At the end of the garrison, I gathered the uniform together and marked it all to be placed on the baggage wagon to Niagara in July. I also left my blankets and two trenchers to be taken up as well.

I am very pleased that I did not have to leave the blue box to be placed on the wagon northward. Instead, Ensign Boggs assured me that they will pack the instruments from the fort infirmary.


Bridgett McGee of Chillisquaque said...

Good Doctor,
In the future one should find a nearby simple plantain weed and pick and chew the leaf well and apply juices to the stung area. Basil and Parsley also work well, but might be harder to find in the field. Will bring quick relief within 10 minutes. A simple remedy tis no further than the nearest kitchen garden.

The Doctor said...

I thank you for your kind advices Miss McGee, but what has become of your journal? I am no longer able to find it?

Bridgett McGee said...
I known know what the trouble might be.