Special Guest Author: Lucy

I am going to go to Fort Niagara with my dad (the Doctor). It will be my first time on a plane, and I am so excited! And not only that but it will be just me and my dad not any of my little sisters. There will be about 2,339 men, women, and children. Which means that this is both me and my dad's biggest event ever! Plus the Doctor (my dad) is chief surgeon of a huge hospital. There will also be Friggets in other words huge boats that have a whole lot of sails. Its like 14 miles from Niagra Falls! I am so excited, and I can hardly wait any longer.



W. A. Mozart said...

Have yourself a splendid time, Fraulein Lucy!

Anonymous said...

If you have the opportunity to board a frigate I encourage you to do so. A few years ago I was able to when many came through the Great Lakes and docked in West Michigan. It will be an experience you will never forget. I am excited for you and hope for you a splendid trip! Mrs. Llewellyn