HROUGH a series of correspondence with Ensign Boggs at Fort Loudoun and the powers that be, I have been assigned to be the Chief Surgeon for the British Hospital during the coming siege at Fort Niagara. At this writing, I know few specifics about staff or numbers of other attending surgeons. The letter from the top indicated simply that they had "volunteers interested in the hospital staff positions incl nurses and others". Unfortunately this is not quite as specific as I would like it to be, ah the military life!

I barely slept last night, my mind afire with thoughts and ideas of how to run the hospital. By the time I finally dozed off, the sun had begun to rise and the birds had just taken to their morning song. Many of my ideas are dependent upon how many staff I have, and I find myself in a near panic about not having my clever blue box with me. I would take great comfort in working with my OWN instruments, familiar like extensions of my own hands.

More to come as I learn it.


W. A. Mozart said...

Now, Bravo, Herr Doktor! If ever I need a surgeon while in America, I shall certain request you.

Why will you not have your instruments?

Liz Llewellyn said...

" mind afire..."

Excellent. So happy for you.