Inspiration Expo 2009

On Saturday, I went out to Currey Ingram Academy (CIA) to do two programs for their annual Inspiration Expo event.

I was told that I'd had about 15 signed up for each session, but didn't have quite as many in attendance... as a matter of fact, my second session consisted solely of a brother and a sister who were aged six and four years old.

Fortunately, I had brought enough gear with me
(and have enough previous experience with small children) that I was able to entertain and educate them in an 18th century manner for the 50 minutes.

It was a great event, and nice to get all my stuff out of winter storage and dusted off again. I find myself looking forward to my next event at Red River on April 4th! And a special thanks to the fine folks at CIA for having the Doctor out to their event.

You can view the pictures from the event at the CIA website:

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