A view from atop the hill, within the fort walls

EEK'S END brings with it the first Garrison Muster at Fort Loudoun for this present year. I will be in attendance to assist the fort physician in whatever capacity he sees fit. I look forward to assisting the good doctor and seeing what it is that he does in such a fine and sophisticated facility for Physick. His tutelage will aid me in my own demonstrations of Physick for the benefit of the publick along the frontier. I shall carry my tools, but I imagine they will pale in comparison to the Fort's infirmary.

I HAVE BEEN assigned by Ensign Bogges to stay in the barracks with the soldiers, and I have been cautioned by trusted parties that the soldiers enjoy a good prank.

I SHALL ALSO be very interested to find an excuse to explore the nearby Cherokee village, called Tuskegee.

Ensign Bogges with the local savage

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