In Response to the Fantastic Request

AVING just recently penned my reply to the missive of mr. Young, I thought I would share it with you, the fair reader:

My Dear Mr. Young,

Tis' true that I am able to provide ye means by which you can legally conduct yr business here in this Country. The licence to trade with the Nations or Tribes of Indians shall be signed by ye Honorable John Penn himself with a countersign by mr. Joseph Shippen, and issued in PENNSYLVANIA. If you would be so kind as to provide the date of issuance, (Day, Month and Year) as well as yr main town and county of residence. As an example, Mr. Killbuck's trade warrant reads-- 'WHEREAS Nathaniel Killbuck of Donegal, in Lancaster County...&c.' Once I am supply'd with the aforesaid information, it would be my pleasure to draw up the document in question. Specimens of my other documents and quillwork can be found in my journal, the means by which to view said specimens can be found below my signature.

In response to yr additional query regarding ye St. Andrews Society, I do not know of any branches in the Southern Colonies, indeed, I have not heard of the group before yr missive of the 16th. I spend a good deal of my time employed in the occupation of Physick along ye frontier settlements and forts, having most recently escaped the destruction of Mansker his Station at the hands of ye local savage.

I look forward to your answer, and I most sincerely wish you health and success in yr business here in this country; and am, with great respect, dear Sir,

Yr Most Humble & Obt Svt.

Albert Roberts
'The Doctor'

N.B. I beg the favor of you to remember me kindly to mr. Killbuck, and present him my respectful compliments.

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