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CAROL JARBOE as Maggie Delaney - Indentured Servant

Carol gave a presentation at Fort Boonesborough as 'Maggie', the indentured servant of the good Parson John. Knowing Carol, and having seen her give bits of this presentation as well, she is a fantastic interpreter!

I remember when she had the iron collar made, how proud of it she was... like me with my leather buttons. Carol is one of those people that REALLY gets into it... she blackens teeth and wears special makeup to dirty her face and hands, and is one of the few people I know who can do a convincing accent.

Carol tackles one of the lesser covered aspects of the 18th Century, but one that was very important at the time... indentured servitude. She talks about how poverty, hunger and circumstance can make you do desperate things... and I think in our country's current economic climate, hers is a very valuable lesson.

You can watch a video of Carol in character giving her presentation here:

Maggie clip from Fort Boonesborough

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