Lucy, my eldest, is still occasionally upset that she was not consulted before the creation of her siblings; she would have been an only child forever if given the option. Lucy is smart and loves books and frequently complains that she has nothing to read because she has read everything we own. A natural scholar, Lucy does very well at her studies, but will complain about it bitterly. At eleven, she expresses her opinion very freely... I never have to wonder what is on her mind.

Molly is sweet and brave and eager to please me. She works hard and oft has the best attitude of the lot. She will usually lead her younger sisters in play, being the boss and determining the mode and manor of their games.

Completely oblivious to what the world might think, Rose does as she pleases. If her wish is to wear clothing that doesn't match or is inappropriate for the season, she'll do it and not think twice about having done so. Having known nothing but a crowd of sisters since birth, I fear Rose has very little concept of being truly alone, and does not do well without them.

Growing up with three older sisters has made Sophia rather rough-and-tumble. Curious and very clever, Sophia, like her eldest sister Lucy, speaks her mind frequently to the embarrassment and dismay of her poor father!


Ninon said...

Rose sounds very much like my youngest sister.
And as a bibliophile myself I love to hear that Lucy loves books! (That's something I wish my sisters would do too) :)

Anonymous said...

This is precious, nuf said.
MI fan

W. A. Mozart said...

Blessed is the man who has a house full of daughters. We lost our two girls, alas. These pictures make me very happy!