Back from Red River

I have returned from my travels to the Red River Meeting House in Kantuckee to aid in the clean up after the ice storm that passed through some weeks ago. A goodly number of us were on hand to chop and remove the limbs that had broken from the trees. In all, there were, by my best estimation, five trees that had given up large limbs, one directly next to the meeting house itself.

The weather was cool with a good deal of wind, but pleasant enough to do the work required of us. The rains held off until after we had completed the bulk of our task.

The girls made their time by exploring the cemetery that is next to the church house. Lucy and her sisters could not help but comment on some of the more humorous names that were engrav'd on the stones, as in the case of one poor soul by the name of 'Butts'.

My arms are sore from the sawing and carrying of large pieces of wood, I can scarcely raise them above my head.

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