I have made plans to travel to the Red River meeting house next weekend to aid in the clean up of the grounds and building after the ice storms that swept through the area last month.

I would imagine that a good deal of the work will involve the gathering of limbs broken by the weight of the ice that was deposited upon them. But the girls and I will offer our assistance in whatever capacity it may be needed.

All are welcome to come out and help. More information about Red River can be found here:

Other events coming up at Red River:

Saturday April 4, 2009, The Mauldin Militia Muster and Blanket Trade Day.
Militia Muster of CPT Mauldin's Company and a Blanket Trade Day at the Red River Meeting House, which is located about a half mile from where Mauldin's Station was located. Set up is free for any participants whether you are a merchant or just want to lay out a blanket. Martin Hickey will be in charge of the militia muster. There will be a community meal.  We will post more info as we come up with things.  You can also contact Frank Jarboe or Tom Ruley.  There will be areas designated for re-enactment things and things that are not period correct.

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