The Long Run Massacre

Upon the past week's end I was retain'd to demonstrate the Art and Mystery of Physick and Surgery to a series of scouts and pupils that assembled near our temporary settlement near the Painted Stone Station.

The groups that passed through were, for the most part, very well behaved and attentive to what I had to tell them.

When the decision was finally made to evacuate the station, and the militia brought in to aid in the process, we formed a long slow line, marching toward Linn's Station, twenty one miles away.

Along the way, we were set upon by a group of indians, they seemed to come out from everywhere! We were hopelessly outnumbered. They slaughtered men, women and children alike without prejudice.

After my pistol misfired, several of them were on me, beating me and causing me to fall to the ground. They were all I could see, silhouetted above me against the sky. I was their prisoner!

All images contain'd herein  are by mr. J. Cummings.
For additional images from the carnage by mr J. Cummings,
be sure to have a look in his journal.

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Mad Anne Bailey said...

My Dearest Doctor,
It was with most sincere pleasure I read of your escape from the vile savages who captured you at the site of the Long Run Massacre. T'was indeed a most vicious attack against those least able to protect themselves! We are so fortunate you were spared the tortures and fires of those yellow dogs.

My dearest friend Mistress Dennis was among those slaughtered upon the trail that day. Though it has been said she fought hard against them, she was no match. I shall certainly make it my most sincere intent to avenge her death! I have heard these same savages are traveling toward Mr. Boone's fort. I shall engage the enemy where and when I find them and take my revenge!
My dear doctor, please take good care of yourself as I hear you've much to look forward to in the coming days. Be well and safe my friend,