I have made arrangements to travel, in a few days time, to the west, where I will, in my guise as the 2nd Doctor, attend the Congress of Vienna Ball.

The advertisement for the event promises:

the crowned heads of Europe, ambassadors, military heroes, and the most influential lords and ladies from the allied countries who have just defeated the Vile Corsican. This is the opening celebration for the greatest Peace Conference in history so come partake of a little intrigue, a bit of influence peddling, a dollop of regime change, and perhaps a soup├žon of romance…..

Games of chance, lively conversation and the hospitality of the imperial court

The ball will take place on Saturday October 9th of this present year.

The ball is the perfect excuse for me to encounter Miss Emily Waterman in a social setting and not in my professional capacity. You, gentle reader, may recall that I met Miss Waterman at the Farnsley-Moremen Estate some two weeks ago now.

The Ball itself is put on by BAERS, and I look forward to seeing how things are done there, AND showing THEM how we do things in this part of the country. I promise to endeavour to do you all proud.

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American Duchess said...

AND I daresay you may have the "pleasure" (or horror) of meeting Aunt Elizabeth. Fear not....or fear much!