The Fair at NEW BOSTON part 2

ATURDAY evening, quite exhausted from the day's adventures, the girls and I returned to the Inn where we were lodging to take a dip in the large indoor bathing pool and to have a bit of supper.

We were in bed early and I did not return the girls to the dance that took place on the Common that evening.

The next morning we rose and dressed and returned to the fair.

I had spent a large portion of the night in thought and dreams about the botany case I had seen the day previous. I knew that someone would snatch it up from under me if I did not purchase it straight away. Therefore, upon our return, I immediately went to the tinsmith's shop and told him that I must have the vasculum with the leather strap and that he could charge me what he saw fit for it. We came to an agreement and I carried my new possession away with me on my shoulder.

About mid day, I took to the coffee house and had a drink with the Parson and Mr. Cooper. While we were talking Mrs. Cooper entered from the fair and scolded her husband about sitting idle in the coffee house, then, with a change of demeanor, requested money. Mr. Cooper took out his wallet and handed her a sum and she, being satisfied, departed.

Shortly thereafter, Jack Salt and the Captain's Daughter came in and took up near us and began to sing and play.

Later, I encountered Mrs. Cooper again while out shopping, and we talked for quite some time about a most interesting situation I have found myself in regarding a visitor that will be arriving soon. 'Visitor' asks you? Yes, I am to play host to a visitor from afar, dear reader. There has been a good deal of letter writing back and forth between all the interested parties, I will discuss this at length at a later date.

Mrs. Cooper shielded her face from the harsh, mid day sun with her parasol while we stood and talked.

Once we parted, I made for Cheapside, where I watched a show by a fellow who claimed the title of 'Professor', though I suspect it was a title he had giv'n himself. Much of his act was similar to feats performed by the Fakirs in India, he drove a long iron spike into his nasal cavity, spat fire, and laid on a bed of nails while a fellow from the crowd stood on his chest. He also performed a trick with a whip wherein he broke a stick held by a young woman plucked from the audience.

Rosie and Sophia sat on the front row, spellbound by the 'professor's' performance.

After the show, I was determined to finish my shopping, and got right to it...

All four of my girls with the 'junior militia'.

All in all, it was a fantastic weekend, and I look forward to next year's event.

You may peruse other reports from the fair as well as images made there by following the inserts below:

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