The Long Run Massacre, &c.

  WILL, upon the weekend of September 11th and 12th, travel Northward to the Painted Stone Station founded by mr. S. Boone and mr. E. Hinton to demonstrate the Art & Mystery of my profession for the people assembled there.

After doing some investigating, I discover'd an advertisement promoting said event that includes a rather unflattering likeness of myself. I have been depicted with my mouth open in the same manner that a great trout might be expected to be seen.


S. Stitchery said...

My dear doctor, I have seen more unattractive trouts in my day, and feel that this is too harsh an assesment of yourself. Why if my father caught a trout of such likeness I would immediately demand it be stuffed and mounted upon my bedroom wall.

Chole said...

It seems everyone in that advertisement was in a similar state of open mouthed gaping though, so at least you are not alone. Perhaps there is a trout impersonating contest planned.