From 100 Years...

Talking for the school kids.
2010 was the first time The Doctor participated in the Falls Landing Foundation's timeline event, 100 Years on the Ohio (1765-1865) at Riverside, the Farnsley-Moremen Landing, and he immediately became one of the most popular and versatile aspects of the event. He started the weekend by joining us very early on Friday morning to give a group of 500 school children a taste of the past and educated them on period medicine in a very hands on, enjoyable, and engaging fashion. It was on to more adult audiences for the rest of the weekend and they were no less enthralled. It was the best attended of our series of presentations and the interest of the spectators made it the longest lasting as well. Doctor Roberts brought a crucial aspect of life in early Louisville to the event that before was missing and has established himself as a crucial part of our identity,

-Brian Cushing, Vice President
Falls Landing Foundation

Demonstrating amputation with the aid of audience volunteers.

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