A Drinking Story

  RECALL once while in a foreign port, we were both quite in our cups. Cuddy and I sang the night away playing cards and gambling in a nearby tavern. I won four if HIS pounds that night...

Cuddy became so intoxicated that I had to carry him on my back to return us both to the ship. On the way, I lost my footing and staggered and we tumbled into the gutter. We both had bits of filth in our hair and on our faces, and I completely ruined the sleeve on my nice blue jacket.

The splash in the face was just what Cuddy needed, and he woke up laughing. I implored him to rise, and together, we made our way back to the ship.

I can still recall the song we sang while we shuffled, filthy through the streets.

We eventually made it back to the ship stinking of alcohol and the gutter. The Captain stopped us, claiming he could smell us from shore. Says he, "You gentlemen may not board until you've had a bath to wash off the stink."

Cuddy, who was always very obliging, immediately stripped naked and dove into the water there by the ship. What could I do but join him? And do you know, Captain Hood even had the bosun throw down a bit of soap to aid in the process.

Ah younger days!


TallDentist said...

Sounds like a grand ol' time. It reminds me of quite a few times with my mates in India...ahhh to be young again!

W. A. Mozart said...

My wide has refused me entrance after a number of such occasions... Entrance into our home, I mean of course.

S. Stitchery said...

My dear Mozart, I do hope you meant to say WIFE, unless that was a sublte and casual play on words and honest opinion of, no doubt, your better half.