Open to Followers of the Doctor's Journal:

Write the Doctor an 18th century 'period appropriate' letter and post it on your own blog. Be sure to include a link back to the contest post here on Tempus Fugit so others can get in on the fun!

Your letter can be about anything that you might write your physician/friend about in the 1700's, be creative.

For those of you with more modern journals, perhaps a 'letter through time"? What would a person from your century say to someone in the 18th?

Please be sure to leave a comment in my contest post with a link to your letter so I can find it!


FOLLOWERS who do NOT have blogs of their own to post their 'Letter to the Doctor' in may now take part in the contest by posting their letters in the COMMENT area of this contest post! I do this in an effort to have more of you able to participate.

Remember, this is open to my journal followers only, so if you're not a follower and would like to get in on the contest, become a Follower today!

Winners of the 1st ever TEMPUS FUGIT CONTEST will receive their choice of ONE of the documents on the FORGERIES page as well as one of the maps of the "Tennassee region" and a packet of colonial era paper money reproductions that includes the following bills:

$10. New York 1776
$8. Maryland 1774
15s. Penn 1773
5. Delaware 1776
$4 Georgia 1777
5s. South Carolina 1778
18d. New Jersey 1776

Period paperwork is a great way to 'flesh out' your 18th century persona, and just fun to have in general!

The contest will begin August 11th of this present year and will run until August 24th. I will select and announce the winner in my journal here by August 26th. The winner will be selected based on the content and creativity of the 'letter' that you write. The more interesting and creative, the better!

Selected winner will have one week from August 26th to select the paperwork they want and to email me the address to send it to. Otherwise they forfeit their prize and another winner will be selected.

I will gladly send your prize anywhere the post rider may travel. I will even consent to have it placed on a ship, at my own expense, for those that may be abroad.

Good luck gentle readers!


W. A. Mozart said...

I will certainly step up to this challenge!

The Doctor said...


Margravine Louisa said...

Dear doctor-
I have been unsuccessful in contacting the 18th centruy bible company listed in your journal. With the view to perhaps ordering a bible for myself, could you possibly provide an updated address?

kindest regards,
Margraviane Louisa vonBrowne
Gimli, Manitoba,Canada

Ninon said...

I wish I could participate, but unfortunately, my 18th century English is not that good :)

Bridgett McGee said...

mine letter is already posted, I do hope that I have "linked" in correctly..

The Doctor said...

Bridgett, you did indeed link your post correctly, well done.

Margraviane Louisa vonBrowne, you may find James Moore's Bibles here:


Greg Ketcham said...

My Dearest Doctor:
Having tarried in the far West until now, I have just receiv'd your post. Bearing in mind that I hold you, and your skills in physick as well as the art of barbering in the highest esteem, though you will no doubt forgive my somewhat less than presentable appearance when we encountered each other at Niagara, I trust, good sir, that this missive finds you well -

your most humble & obt. servant,

Greg Ketcham
Private soldier
N-Y Provincial Regt.