Recent Events

AM PLEASED TO REPORT that my leg has healed from my last adventure and I am able to stand and walk with no discomfort to the muscle or bone. A true testament to the skill of Dr. Clift.

Therefore, I turn my sites Northward once more to travel to the Licking River in Kentuckee. I feel certain that my instruments and knowledge might be well used, should there be conflict between the settlers and the British and natives in that region.

I have, for several days now, been preoccupied with thoughts of my friend mr. Jas. Moore. You, gentle reader, may recall mr. Moore as the book binder who bound my Bible, and leather clad journal. His skills are known far and wide. I saw several of his Bibles during the Sunday service at Niagara in the hands of total strangers.

James and his wife Polly are not well and are plagued with ailments that are beyond my capacity to treat. Many of James' ailments are even beyond the capacity of specialist physicians to treat. I grew concerned when we did not see him at Locust Grove July last. Recently, in our correspondence, James conveyed to me that there are a goodly number of events that he may be unable to attend due to his condition, and even more distressing, I have learn'd that he has sold many of his personal belongings.

But that I had the skill to serve my friend in some manner.

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