So the letters are in, what there are of them... and here they are for those of you that might have missed them:

Dear doctor-

I have been unsuccessful in contacting the 18th centruy bible company listed in your journal. With the view to perhaps ordering a bible for myself, could you possibly provide an updated address?

kindest regards,

Margraviane Louisa vonBrowne
Gimli, Manitoba, Canada
My Dear Doctor,

It is with great trial that I post mine letter to you this day. It is with much troubled heart that I witness the departure of mine mother's family from their visit this instant.

Mine mother seemed to be quite unable to find ease of body or able to retire at any time, nite and day. She seems to have many various thoughts to keep her mind ill at ease and in a most unrestful state at all times .

I would be most beholden to you if you might provide some simple remedy I might have on hand that I may gain her ease of mind more often.

Your friend,
Bridgett McGee of Chillisquaque

My Dearest Doctor:

Having tarried in the far West until now, I have just receiv'd your post. Bearing in mind that I hold you, and your skills in physick as well as the art of barbering in the highest esteem, though you will no doubt forgive my somewhat less than presentable appearance when we encountered each other at Niagara, I trust, good sir, that this missive finds you well -

your most humble & obt. servant,

Greg Ketcham
Private soldier

N-Y Provincial Regt.
I enjoyed each of these notes, thanks to you all for participating! I stated that the more interesting and creative, the better... therefore I have selected Bridgett McGee of Chillisquaque as the winner of this first Tempus Fugit Contest! Her letter not only makes inquiries of me, but opens a little window into her persona's background, good stuff.

Bridgett McGee will need to contact me via e-mail and give me her address, as well as let me know which of the paper documents she'd like to have!


The Doctor said...


You may even consider posting what document you may have your eye on here in the comments section, in case others are curious as to your selection.

The Doctor

Blair said...

Those are well written letters!
Congrats to Bridgett :)

Margravine Louisa said...

oh Dear, Doctor - mine was meant more as a genuine inquiry than a letter! I did not want to get too personal, as we have not been introduced!
warm regards,
Louisa von Browne

Bridgett McGee said...

Dear Good Doctor,
It is with great pleasure that I found the contents of your last post! I shall, be in much need of paper monies of value for Pennsylvania and it's territories. I do also, on occasion, travelinto the Jerseys to visit Mother's family.
so my windfall is of perfect time and chance!
As for my letter, ye of all, know the type of contents!
I would so be obliged to carry a penned letter written from my Dear lover Burrows. Of the blushing type, I would be sure,
to keep it on my person nearly
all times so as the wee ones shan't steal a peek.
I hope that it wouldn't be too much of a difficult task for you to rise to the occasion to write.

Fondly, your friend,

Best to yours.

The Doctor said...

Good heavens, ME pen a letter from Burrows?

I fear I may not be equal to the task!