The Battle of Blue Licks

TRAVELLED up into Kentuckee, along the Licking River and set up shop for a time among the pioneers at Tanner's Station, in the Year of our Lord seventeen hundred and eighty two.

That evening, upon my arrival Parson John introduced me to miss Reasoner, who very kindly offered to fix and style my poor wig. It has been a dog's age without the proper care, and has begun to look like a dead animal upon my head. I gladly accepted her offer, and she told me to call upon her the next day to have it done.

I stayed the night with mr. Jas. Moore and we talked for a long time on a multitude of subjects. He informed me that his physician has him on some new physick, and that it seems to be agreeing with him. I did notice that his health seemed much improved from our past few conversations, he seemed quite his jovial old self, shewing me his latest batch of freshly bound Bibles. He regail'd me with tales of the materials used in each copy, the papers and the leathers, stitching and the like. His skill has improved greatly, and it shews in these, his latest editions.

I slept well, and we awoke early to share a breakfast of eggs and bacon. We talked of forted stations and our plans for travel for the coming months.

Fair at New Boston
September 5-6

Trade Faire at Fort Loudoun
Sept. 12-13

September 19 & 20

Ft. Boonesborough, KY
September 25-27

Historic Rock Castle
October 3 & 4

Fort Loudoun
Garrison Weekend
October 10-11

Traveller's Rest
October 15-16

Schoenbrunn Village Trade Fair
October 17 & 18

History Festival
October 23-24

Market Fair at Locust Grove
October 24th & 25th

After breakfast, I found a shady spot and set up the table loan'd to me by Parson John and was later loan'd a small stool by another fellow. I laid out all my tools and instruments and sat, reading my 1734 edition of the Poor Planter's Physician. It is vanity I suppose, that keeps me from wearing my spectacles, so I held up my magnifying glass so as to be able to better read the print. I was just beginning the section on Consumptive Coughs, when I looked up and noticed how out of the way I was. I would never get any business so far away from the main flow of ye publick.

I walked up the hill and introduced myself to the people in the tent right by the main entry, a Scot whose name I cannot at the moment recall, and a free man with a great beard, (I only assume he was a free man, as he did not seem to answer to any present.) whose name began with a D. I really am rubbish with names, please gentle reader, always assume that I have forgotten your name and reintroduce yourself to me from time to time... there really is SO much to think about, I just haven't the time to devote to remembering the multitude of names put to me!

The Scot and mr. D. very graciously allowed me to set up in front of their tent in a shady spot, as the day had begun to grow wretched hot. I made inquiries for miss Reasoner with several people, but none knew her whereabouts. My poor wig would have to go unfix'd a while longer.

I encountered mr. Daniel Boone and his older brother Squire, and listened as the younger gave a talk that detailed some of his adventures in Kentuckee. I stayed for near on an hour, longer than I had intended, but his tales were of such interest, I could not help but neglect my business.

mr. Boone talks to the crowd.

Shortly after noon, I was offered a great slice of watermelon by mr. J. Blackerby, who held it in his hand and cut it with his sword. My piece was so large that I offered half of it to the Scot. I used my caitlin knife to slice off small pieces that I could fit in my mouth, and the Scot and I took turns spitting the seeds as far as we could like when I was a boy.

I demonstrated to good crowds of publick, once, as I demonstrated the finer points of amputation of the humerus on one of the young lads in attendance, I looked up and was surprised by how many people were standing and watching. There were very nearly fifty of them! 

"Ye gods," I declared as I paused with the capital saw, the boy's arm cinched up in the tourniquet, "Where did YOU all come from?" be continued...


Blair said...

You are so very lucky that you have so many activities to attend to in your area!

Over here, in Washington, we have very little. :(

(At least as far as I can tell)

The Doctor said...

Washington? Do you perchance mean his excellency the General Geo. Washington?

There is a great deal to do and see here upon the frontier, I am always busy. Especially toward the fall of the year.