Special Guest Author: Lucy 2

Hi its Lucy again. We went to Niagra and saw Niagra Falls! Dad said it would be a shame to not see it sense we were so close, it was amazing! Also we were not hot for a change it was cold up there every day. Then we got to the main event!

On the first day no one was dressed up, but I wanted to be in my outfit. That night dad made a comfy straw bed and we slept in a tent. The next morning woke they us up with drums. I was cold so I wrapped up in a blanket and went to breakfast. Then we went to the doctors tent, and while dad and miss.Clift went to the battle field I gave the tours because I knew almost all the tools. Dad and Clift brought back a bunch of soldiers we saved most, and I made a friend named John he had hurt his eye one man died but the others were fine. Every day i would visit the fair and then I would go visit John. Sometimes Hamilton and I would watch the tent while dad and Clift went to battle because someone stole a gold piece!

But other then that I would play with Little Man, Hamilton, and Morgan. I never saw the friggits but apparently they were there because there is photos, and in the fair grounds there was yummy ice cream good root beer and a cute moose toy that is made from palm trees there was possums, birds, cats, and pigs and much much more! On Sunday we went to a church service and that was awesome. We had so much fun,and I hope we can do it sometime again soon



Sam said...

hey lucy! great job! im glad you had fun and way to go wearing your outfit even though no one else was!!

Bridgett McGee said...

Dear Lucy,
I can assure you that one day you will have too much fun with my girls.
They love to go with me and one is older and one is younger. We pack far too many amusements with our camping things.
I am sad that I we were not able to go, perhaps another year.
Are you going to the Eastern?

The Doctor said...

Hi this is Lucy thanks for saying way to go for wearing my outfit,and I am sure I would have so much fun with your girls. Also I do not know what the Eastern is so maybe I will go dad says he will look it up somewhere.