The latest batch of letters

A letter from the Regimental Surgeon to the wife of Capt. Jack Johnson.
Black India Ink on white linen paper, sealed with the letter 'R' in red wax.

Click on image to enlarge, I believe it might be clear enough to read.

I took great pains to make these letters look as different as possible, different inks, different paper types, colors and sizes, different handwriting sizes and styles, I even folded them differently. The doctor's letter is a very quick easy fold, Mary's is a little more intricate and fancy.

A letter back to Capt. Johnson from his wife.
Brown walnut ink on cream coloured paper, sealed with a small flower in red wax. 

I am particularly pleased with some of the little details on Mary's letter to Jack. If you click and enlarge the image, you'll be able to better see the stains of 'Mary's teardrops' as she wrote this letter. I would pause as I wrote and splash the page with water from a brush that rested in a nearby cup.


Margravine Louisa said...

Oh, Well donw. I am thoroughly enjoying your site!

The Doctor said...

I thank you for your kind comments. Please feel free to make comments about the posts you enjoy the most!

Your humble servant-

The Doctor