LOCUST GROVE Jane Austen Festival

Photos courtesy of E.J. Llewellyn
Lizzie and I traveled Northward to Locust Grove (on the Ohio) for the occassion of the 2nd annual Jane Austen Festival held there this past weekend. There were talks given and things to see, it was alot of fun.

I'm afraid that the Doctor was unable to attend, as I suppose he might have looked a bit like a relic from a bygone era in his colonial clothing and wig.

I can scarcely imagine the Doctor as being 'out of fashion', but compared to the stylish Mr. Cushing here, you can see quite the difference.

Some of the young ladies that took part in the afternoon Regency Style Show.

Please make note of the gaggle of young women just behind and to the right of this young lady as they examine the back of her dress.

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