NOW has begun to fall again here upon this frontier, great white flakes of it. I grow ever so weary of being cold, it makes it difficult to take my walks. How is a man expected to want to take another turn when he cannot feel his toes within his boots?

I often wish that I might see the faces of my dear friends as they receive my letters to them. This is why that it warmed my heart so to see these friends enjoying the reading aloud of a letter at a celebration of Twelfth Night. I am reliably inform'd that this particular letter was one of the highlights of the evening.

The bearer of the letter told me, "...it was quite fun for me as I was already well acquainted with the contents, so I was able to step back and watch as others were drawn in."

"Gents from the British end gradually made their way down to our end. The whole lot listening drew closer and closer, ladies and gents alike."

"More than once, the reader was asked to re-read a line or two whilst the listeners either put it to memory or put it to their own imagry."

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