I have begun the slow process of creating what is to become the 2nd Doctor... a Regency era (1790-1820) physician and surgeon. And so, I find that I will need to create a NEW self-promotional piece. I have little trouble with the design and layout of such a piece, but the writing... the writing always gets me!

To that end, I have decided to see what you, my faithful readers can come up with. What I require is promotional text that is informative and fun to read. I thought, since we we're doing the Jane Austen/Regency era, it might be fun to have the text read like a mini-Austen novel... or a piece from one AND double as promo copy for the Doctor.

If you need any Austen inspiration, check out these great blogs:

I have even gone to the trouble to get you started on your course if you should need it. You can finish the lines below to create the new promo text, or scrap it and create your very own. Feel free to post your writings in the comments section... or if you're shy, feel free to email it to me at: ahroberts4@yahoo.com

You can find the awesome (and totally NOT written by me) promo text for the 1st (18th century) Doctor here...

Mrs. Winford could scarcely contain the news, and her own excitement. So much so, that she had put on her bonnet in haste on her way to the Barton house, and tied the ribbon in a fitful knot. "There is a new Doctor coming to call." she cried.
"A new Doctor?" the widow Barton exclaimed with her two daughters, nearly in perfect harmony.
"I have learned that he will be arriving this very day," Mrs. Winford continued, catching her breath and still working at the knot, "traveled from points afar where he gave demonstrations in the art and mystery of medicine and surgery."
"And he is to come here to demonstrate his craft?" asked the widow, her face betraying her thought that such a demonstration might offend her daughter's delicate sensibilities.

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