A journey... Part VI

N the week that I have been a guest in the home of mr. C----- and his goode wife, there has been snow and freezing weather in great abundance. The cabin has been so cold that even with a good blaze in the hearth, I can see my breath on the opposite side of the room.

Mr. C----- is much return'd to his health I think. He has been up and about and back to work around the cabin and even a bit in the out-of-doors. The two of us have taken care to repair some of the chinking between the logs and to stuff additional bits of wool in some of the gaps in the floor and around the window and door. It has helped little to fend off the extreme cold.

The weather has broken and the freezing temperatures subsided. The ice has begun to thaw a bit, a perfect time to make my return trip home. I fear if I am to stay much longer, mrs. C-----'s cooking will cause my cloathes to become too tight in the waist.

I will go to Bledsoe his fort tomorrow and find a companion to make the trip back with. Perhaps mr. Flynn, my neighbor, has concluded his business and will be ready to return with me.

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