And so, it would seem that my winter's hibernation begins. The weather has been cold and wet of late, freezing temperatures at night and rain and wet during the days.

I have done a great deal of letter writing, and a good deal of reading in the past few days. And what, pray tell, does your goode Doctor read in his free time you ask? I have always been too busy of a mind to read one thing at a time, so I generally read several books at once. Currently, I am reading:

The Practical Surveyor, by Samuel Wyld, first edition. pp. xv. 182. 1 front plate & 5 end plates.

De Brahm's Report of the General Survey in the Southern District of North America.

A letter concerning the Inocculation of the Smallpox, 1721.

Directions for Preserving the Health of Soldiers. By Benj. Rush, M.D. published by the War Board, 1778.

as well as the newly arrived Encyclopedia Britannica volumes One through Three from 1771.

I have my new friend mr. P. A. McClintock to thank for those great volumes. He swooped to my rescue and procured them for me from the East Bay auction house.

I will also share with you here, some of the recent letters I have received in the post:

The first portion of the letter written by the Widow C. Black...

...and portion the second of her letter.

As well as a letter from Bridgett McGee.


W. A. Mozart said...

I should very much like to have your mailing address so that I too may write.


The Doctor said...

'Tis on the way Herr Mozart!