HE postman arrived today with the most magnificent package in hand! Wrapped in lovely hand laid paper and tied with a length of twine. I peeled away the exterior to find a small bundle wrapped in what appears to be a section of a newspaper from Williamsburg. Contained within was a marvelous little journal made by mr. P. A. McClintock, whom you may recall, recently came to my aid by procuring certain volumes from the East Bay Auction House on my behalf.

This little book has a cover of fine black leather and handsome marbled paper, in a fantastic shade of blue and brilliant red.

The fully wrapped package, upon receipt.

Just below the laid paper wrapping.

The journal itself!


commonhands said...

sir, I am pleased to hear the post rider was so quick in delivering said parcel, with the fowl weather I feared he would be delayed. I had already, you see, taken up pen to write to you but was told to make haste for the rider was to leave that instant, allowing no time to inclose the letter and for that I do apologize. I am very pleased indeed the journal is to your liking. I pray it will serve you well. I sincerely wish prosperity and happiness to you, and have the honour to be, with the greatest respect,

Your most obedient, and most humble Servant,

Paul A. McClintock...

Ninon said...

Oh, what a beautiful book.

The Doctor said...

While I can not speak to their availability, I CAN speak to their quality! I would highly recommend mr. McClintock's fine work!

commonhands said...

If anyone having inquiries regarding Blank Books or Bespoke Binding may post any questions to the address following: www.fromcommonhands@yahoo.com

With a heart impressed with the most lively sense of gratitude, I return you my humble and sincere thanks, for the honour you have done me in your polite address.

And till the time I have an oppurtunity of paying you my respects in person, I beg leave to subscribe myself, Sir,

Your most Obedient humble servant,

Paul A. McClintock
Bookbinder and Stationer

W. A. Mozart said...

Stunning! As the grandson of a bookbinder, I congratulate you on owning such a fine example of excellent craftsmanship!

Anonymous said...

Nice journal. I look forward to holding it in my hands.

Bible Man

Anonymous said...

I tried the link above and got nowhere. I searched and found this page. http://www.fromcommonhands.com/

I did not see the journals, but did see some art that I appreciate.

Bible Man

commonhands said...

Unfortunately I do not have my website updated to include the Bookbinding. That is something I am working on for the new year....and that is here, OH MY! Need to work on that. I do have pictures posted on my personal Face book page and my Studio page. If you like I can email images direct, just contact me at fromcommonhands@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

I like the presentation of this journal.
Bible Man

Anonymous said...

Please do email me your images.

Bible Man

Laura Carpenter said...

I too was honoured to receive the same said package. It was the most delightful surprise I have had in years. The attention to detail in the journal book itself not to mention the wrapping and packaging was impeccable. Much joy was experienced in the unwrapping and even more now as I fill the pages.