Surgery at NIAGARA

Scene One; Wherein the members of the British Hospital carry a wounded French Officer off the field after battle.

Scene Two; The brothers Melton aid in the removal of the back and side walls from the cart and I perform surgery on the French officer.

Scene Three; (4:13) After another battle on a separate day, Dr. Clift operates on a leg wound as I look on. You will make note that there are many wounded littered about waiting to be seen.

Scene Four; (5:38) I take a look over the remaining wounded, attempting to recall who had what wound. "Let's see... fingers and you with the knee and what's your ailment again?"

Scene Five; (6:35) I instruct several soldiers that have brought in a wounded mate. Please make note, gentle reader, of my Lucy on the left in discussion with her favorite, injury-prone Grenadier!

Scene Six; (7:23) The wounded fellow loses his nerve and must be restrained.

Scene Seven; Being a final look at Dr. Clift's instruments all laid out on the table in front of the hospital for the inspection of ye Publick.


W. A. Mozart said...

Dear Friend!

I fear that I have received a mild concussion. I forgot to put down the lid of my fortepiano and was not paying attention later that night when I walked through the room with no lights lit.

If we lived closer to each other I would certainly call you in to look after the bump that is above my right temple. In your absence, can you recommend any self-treatment?

The Doctor said...

Ye Gods, that quite the story!

Well, in lieu of seeing your personal Physician, I might suggest that you remain as still, and in a state of rest, as possible until the swelling subsides.

Anonymous said...

Hey this is Lucy and I do not like you teasing me on your blog meany (see scene 5)