E HAVE just returned from the Militia Muster and Blanket Trade Day at the Red River Meeting House and are thoroughly exhausted from a long day in the out of doors. A morning with cool gusts turned into a pleasant and warm day to visit with those assembled. I purchased a small, black leather needle holder... essentially a tiny folding wallet to keep ones needles from wandering away. It was handmade by mr. Butch Hauri. I also purchased a set of six wooden trenchers for myself and the girls from the goode Surgeon Operia's wife.

I also had the opportunity to meet several people in the flesh whom I had previously only corresponded with, mr. T. Ogle and mr. M. Ramsey being two of them. I even worked out a trade deal for a new brown journal bound by mr. Moore via mr. Ramsey. I look forward to cracking it open and getting to work at it. Ah, what to write first?

I fared well with my own blanket trade items. I sold an old linen shirt to young mr. Hollingsworth, (for which I believe the lad put himself into debt with mr. Ruley for) several bottles and a quantity of books from my collection. I was rather disappointed that the maps I made of the region of Tennasee and the lower parts of Kantuckee didn't sell better than they did. I prepared many, but sold only a single copy to those in attendance. Let them all get lost says I!

I shall endeavour to make the trek once again to Locust Grove in the land upon the Ohio in a fortnight, where George Rogers Clark's companies shall be encamp'd for a time. I will be curious to find if the Surgeon Miller and his family will be with them again.

The week after upon the 25 & 26, I have been invited to take over the Infirmary at Fort Loudoun whilst Dr. Anderson is away on the King's Business.


W. A. Mozart said...

Are there musicians in these places? Are there dances? I would be most interested to know.

Your sweet daughter must be a joy to you!

Nancy Storace said...

My Dear Sir,

I am a friend of Herr Mozart's, who was very kind to refer me to you.

I have of late, frequently succumbed to a bout of fainting spells and dizziness for which my surgeon believes the remedy would be a procedure referred to as trepanning. As I am quite anxious over the prospects of such, it would give me great comfort to know what is involved in this procedure and what, if any remedies for pain will be offered.

Anna Storace

The Doctor said...

Herr Mozart,

Ah yes, there is usually a good deal of music to be found in places such as this. Why, Saturday last there was singing and making merry in the barracks along with one of the local Cherokee playing her flute. Yesterday at Red River, there was music to be had, but one of the fellows bore a stringed instrument for which I do not recall the name.

There is always a grand dance at the Fair at New Boston. Last year they had very fine musicians to play for it. I seem to recall a Violin and Cello there on stage. There was also music and dancing to be had at the Moore/Bowen wedding last year.

I understand from mr. G. Barker that there is a group that gathers to do English Country Dancing every week in his part of Kantuckee, but I have never attended.

Madame Storace-

Under no circumstance should you allow them to use the Trephine on you for mere fainting spells.

Please allow me to consult my medical books for a proper diagnosis and cure for your particular distemper.

The Doctor