HIS week's end takes the girls and I to Red River Meeting House for their first Militia Muster and Trade Fair. I have recently learned that mr. Barker will be leading the muster in lieu of Capt. Hickey.

Mr. Barker has stated that he will:

...focus on frontier militia skills as written about by William S. Hall in his memoirs (he grew up and began his Indian fighting days at Greenfield near Bledsoe's Fort).

Therefore, I plan to work on the four following subjects: Fighting in pairs; movement (including silent movement); tracking; and, walking pilot (point).

I have also assembled a quantity of items to sell as part of the blanket trade. A series of books, some old bottles, and an assortment of odds and ends that I no longer have any use for.

I also have some older children's clothing that I plan on getting rid of, but I think I'll fare better if I hold onto them until I encounter the Irish Maid seamstress again. She accepts older children's clothing as trade toward your new clothing from her. I got excellent deals from her last year at Bledsoe's Trade Fair for Lucy and Molly. this year, I'm looking to get Rose a new dress.

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