HE Inquiries I made to Locust Grove have produced no leads on where we might stay whilst there in the land upon ye Ohio. But I will not be deterred, warm weather and favorable locale make for excellent outdoor sleeping, along with my blankets and fresh straw. It will not be the first time I have slept in the out-of-doors.

Mel Hankla as General George Rogers Clark

Upon the 25 & 26, I have been invited, at the request of Ensign Bogges to take over the Infirmary at Fort Loudoun whilst the goode Dr. Anderson is away on the King's Business. I do not know the nature of the business, but I suspect it must be of the utmost import if it would draw him out of the safety of the fort into this savage frontier.

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The Clerk said...

I do not know whether or not Mr. Barker will be in attendance, but if he is, please send him my greetings.

The Clerk

Wayne Krefting