I have posted this about, but wanted to also publish it here for you fair readers...

My dear friends,

I write today you to tell you of my intentions for this coming year so as to spare you any confusion or frustration when next you encounter me. If you have perused my journal of late, you may have discover'd my intention to remain 'in character' during my travels for the coming year.

There is no doubt in my mind that this could be difficult for me, but also for those around me; and I do not wish to alienate any of my friends or compatriots. Things will not be much different, I imagine, then they have been in the past... you've all met the Doctor during YOUR travels, and know the agreeable sort of fellow he can be.

I want to ask that you all help me to do this by not trying to 'snap me out of it' by mentioning a bunch of modern stuff to me whilst at an event. I believe that enough of you have my email address and are friends with me on various forums, message boards and social networking sites... that any out of character conversation can safely take place there at any time.

I tell you now that if you attempt to talk to the Doctor about movies, internet, cellphones and the like, he will be terribly confused.

I daresay I will go one step further and challenge YOU to give your interpretation and character some thought this winter. It's no fun if I don't have a few of you to play along!

Special thanks to everyone that has encouraged me (verbally & otherwise) to do this over the last few months, I look forward to the additional research that I need to do over the fall and winter to get me where I need to be... and the Doctor looks forward to meeting you in the year to come. This has the potential to be a really fantastic learning experience!

Allow me to present my compliments to you and yours; and if, in any of your affairs, I can render you any acceptable service, I beg you will use that freedom with which I wish you to command, my friends,

Yr Humble & Most Obt Svt,
The Doctor

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Amy said...

I visited with you and your girls briefly at the cabin at Schoenbrunn. I was very impressed with your clothes, impersonation, tools and demeanor. My boyfriend and I both assumed you were actually from England, your accent was so convincing! I am so very happy to have found your blog and will be anxious to read more! I think your ideas about expanding your character are wonderful! I am fairly new to the hobby, but I am fascinated by it and look forward to learning more and I hope to see you at some events next year. God bless!