Books REbound (Updated)

Last evening, the girls and I met with The Bible Binder and his good wife Polly for supper. The Bible Binder, has agreed to bind up two of the books from my collection.

The smaller being Plain Concise Practical Remarks on the Treatment of Wounds and Fractures by Doctor John Jones, and the greater volume being a copy of the 1725 edition of The Practical Surveyor by mr. Samuel Wyld.

It will be fantastic to be able to carry these with me in the field once they bear their more appropriate covers. In the meantime, enjoy these images of their progress, if you please.

The books in question, surrounded by some of the tools of the book binder's trade.

The Treatment of Wounds and Fractures sans its old cover!

Treatment of Wounds and Fractures in the book press, where it will stay all night.

The latest image from the Bible Binder who wrote: "I got up this morning, took your book out of the book press, and wire brushed the rib cords on the inside of the book. Photo shows after the cords have been wire brushed. Next I glued the fanned out rib cords and put them back in another book press...

After it dries for several hours I can begin to put the leather on. I may be able to do that tonight or tomorrow. I will not be able to start the paper back until after Wed. My paper cutter is out to be sharpened. I have to cut boards for that book. I used your hard back book's own boards."

"Here is the next step." he continues, "The leather is glued to the spine. The strings tied on both sides of the cords help the leather take the form around the cords. The glue will need to dry for several hours. Next the leather will be glued to the from and back boards, then mitered, and glued on the inside of the back boards. After that I will do some tooling on the leather on the spine and front cover. After that I will apply new end paper."

The volume in question with the leather on the cover.

My friend the Bible Man says, "I am finished with this book all but the end papers. I am going to put some thick end papers in the front and back."

You can see ALL of the images of the steps involved in the Bible Binder's journal...


fromcommonhands said...

This is lovely to see, being a bookbinder myself. I am in the process of doing the same to some of my volumes. Unfortunately they will be rebound with leather spine and marbled boards for I have yet to master a full leather binding. Oh, to have the opportunity to spend an evening with Mr. Moore and learn.

Lynette said...

Thank you for this fascinating post! Little wonder that books were regarded as precious items back then and that the aristocracy liked to show off their libraries.

commonhands said...

Thank you Doc and Mr. Moore for the step by step photographs. A very handsome volume!

Anonymous said...


I need directions to your home in order to have your books deliver to you via the post.

Bible Man

Ninon said...

The beauty of old books like this one is one of my great weaknesses.