HE weather has turned cold in the mornings, and the tree outside has shed its leaves. It seems quite some time since I last made post in my journal.

There has been little activity here upon ye frontier, as it would seem that the local natives have retired in preparation of winter.

My activities have turned to the writing of letters to send to friends at Christmas-time. I have a goodly number of them ready to be sent, and am all-a-gog to find someone willing to carry them out of this region on my behalf.

I am quite pleased and encouraged by the responses to my recent letter of intent. I feel it bodes well for the coming year. I am likewise pleased by the rebinding of my tattered copy of "Plain Concise Practical Remarks on the Treatment of Wounds and Fractures". It will be fit to carry on my person.


Ms. Anne said...

Yes. Indeed. We have bedded down for the winter, though while this lovely weather continues, we forage for further foodstuffs: persimmons, acorns, hickory nuts and so forth. The good doctor is invited to visit on this Thursday if he have no other arrangements.

W. A. Mozart said...

Here in Wien, Winter only demands that we drink the hot Punsch that is sold in the stalls in the Graben. The coffeehouses, too, are set into high spirits, when staying within doors with family tests the patience of the most homespun gentleman!