The Two-Family Station

I HAVE HAD, placed into my very hands some time back, drawings for a new two-family station. The plans were writ by the hand of mr. Gerry Barker, a wagoneer of some note. I shared a camp with mr. Barker and his companions at the Fair at New Boston August last.

UPON THE SKETCH, he outlines the dimensions for each building, the layout of the thing, and the materials, in log and stone, that would be required to build it. It consists of two family dwellings on either side, and an open paddock for animals between them. All openings between the buildings are enclosed by a wall.

I HAVE VOLUNTEERED to assist in the construction of said station. While I have assured mr. Barker that I have none of the skills or knowledge required to complete such a task, I am very eager and follow instruction well. I am afear'd that my training as a physician has left my construction and carpentry skills sorely lacking.

IF NOTHING ELSE, perhaps I can stand watch with a firelock and keep an eye out for the local savage. I await word from mr. Barker and his associates as to the time and eventual location upon which we shall meet to undertake this endeavour.

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Anonymous said...

My dear sir, it was good to see you at the Faire at New Boston, Fort Loudoun and Locust Grove. Your presence at each event was indeed a welcome addition to the historical events. I of course could not place any of us as an equal to Monsieur LeFarceur de Villeverte, but your interpretation is in many ways equal to his.

Looking forward to our next "acting" event, I remain your most humble and obedient servant,
Parson John