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There's some really good photography from various events floating around out there... I thought I'd post some links to a few of the photographers whose stuff I've been looking at lately.

The event with all the soldiers takes place yearly at Colonial Williamsburg... it's called 'Under the Red Coat'. It recreates 10 days in 1781 when the British took over the town and declared marshall law. I want to get to attend this event in the worst kind of way... but you have to go as part of an established unit.

This other photography appears to be in Europe. Germany, I think.

Mme. du Jard's images

Under the Red Coat 2007

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Anonymous said...

Thanks to your blog I have now been introduced to Parson John of Red River. A visit to his website has proven to be time well spent indeed. I might add as well that the grand display of photographs you are sharing is also very wonderful...thanks again from your MI fan.