On the eve of my journey

May 7th- On the eve of my journey to Martin's station.
I finished sewing and dyeing my new leather straps yesterday evening with Lt. Maddox. I will use them to bind and carry my equipment in the field. They were cut from the same piece of leather I purchased November last and should match the belt I made out of it.

I am quite pleased with the amount of use I have gotten out of that single piece of leather. The work is very satisfying, and my hands take to it well. After a minimum of instruction and some simple tools, I was able to make the needed items in good time.

I have studied the map I found of the area around the station at great length in anticipation of my trip tomorrow. Mr. Maddox is set to depart this evening along with Capt. France, Tim McKaye and a few others, and should arrive there well before me. I imagine they will have long since gotten the ranging company's camp set up by the time I arrive.

I look forward to meeting Capt. France. We have not spoken, other than my initial letter of introduction, as none of my later missives made it to him in his remote region of the country.

A portion of this evening shall be spent in packing my meager belongings and bedrolls. I must also consider provisions for myself and the company.

I will endeavor to record the happenings as best I am able so that they may be reprinted here for the benefit of the reader.

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