Saturday the 10th/ continued...
Okay, so at this point I have to break character a little bit in order to finish this up. Being dead would make it difficult to finish up this report of the event.

It had been decided at the Capt's meeting Saturday morning that most of our unit would be killed in the battle, so we all hiked down to the field beforehand to 'block it out'.

Ridley had brought blood capsules, that he loaned to Gallentine and I used when we got killed. It was agreed that we'd be killed while attempting to save Ridley after he was wounded. The blood capsule tasted like cough syrup, and I spent a portion of my time lying dead in the field spitting it out.

After the three of us got 'killed', we were able to watch the remainder of the battle watching the action.

Steve Artman, another of the guys in our group, had been made up with a wig of long hair. He and one of the Indians, named Greg, had rehearsed their fight at our camp in advance that morning using one of the leather bladed tomahawks that Bill Maddox and I had made for battles at Manskers.

Here's a shot of Greg about to scalp Steve. Bill Maddox is visible in the background on one knee.

Greg ripped the wig off of Steve and held it up high for the crowd to see.

I had to strategically writhe on the battle field so that I'd be able to see the action. All the while, spitting the blood out in an attempt to rid myself of the taste.

The Indians also set the corn crib on fire. This is a huge crowd pleaser. Martin's staffers build several out buildings every year just for this purpose.

The corn crib ablaze, Capt. France in the background wielding two guns ala Daniel Day Lewis

The fire grew quickly and was so hot that it set the grass nearby on fire as well.

The second unit of militia marched out of the fort in two straight lines and right over top of me.

"Coming through buddy, watch yourself." they said as they marched over.

I sat still and tried not to get stomped.

Jim Hamilton on the far left just before getting shot, I'm laying on the ground on the right just behind the militia.


Liz Awesome said...

Diggin' the journal! So what number fan does this make me?

The Doctor said...

Hmmmm, what number fan you ask?

Somewhere in the top 5 for sure...