The Fair at Bledsoe's

Spent Saturday with my two eldest girls at the colonial fair held at Bledsoe's Fort. For being the first fair of its kind to be held in that location, it seemed busy and well attended. We had our portraits made by a dozen people, including the Gallatin Newspaper. I'll be interested to see if I'm able to find any of them.

Purchased new hats for the girls at a shop called 'The Blue Goose', the nice woman cut us a great deal, and threw in colored ribbons and paper flowers for the girls as well. The nice woman, Sharon Duncan, helped to tie the girl's new hats on and really bragged on how great the girls looked in them.

Then we went across the way and traded in the girl's old clothes at a shop called 'Irish Maid' and purchased new dresses. They wore them around for the remainder of the day, they were really proud.

Later, Molly found a caterpillar and named him 'slimey'. She carried him proudly and finally released him along the tree-line before we continued.

I especially enjoyed visiting with the 'French Lacemaker', his set-up and presentation really gave me some great ideas for my own future setup and interpretation. He and his wife even have the same kind of business cards as I do from very sharp.

I can see that the Bledsoe folks have lots of room for future fair expansion... the field it was held in was enormous.

If I had but one complaint, it would be that someone drained the gas out of my tank while we were in the fair itself. The parking area was watched at its entrance by some fellows in uniforms, but from where they were stationed, I don't imagine they saw much. With gas prices what they are these days, I imagine there'll be alot more of this sort of thing in the future...

Note to self: purchase key locking gas-cap.

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