Colonial Forgeries

Did a bevy of 18th century paperwork to go in the printer's shop display at the Tennessee State Museum at the request of Mr. Rhodes, the Museum Program Assistant. It didn't occur to me until he mentioned it, but it's kinda a big deal to have your stuff displayed at a historic site and a state museum. He took it right from my hand and placed it in the display. Very cool.

I did six or seven sealed letters, and a few pages of notes and writings all in various handwritings. I even experimented with a new way of melting the sealing wax. Instead of using the wick in the wax itself... I put it in a metal ladle and melted it over a candle to pour on. Took a little more time, but worked well. None of that pesky dripping to contend with.

And yes... that one sheet is supposed to be dirty on the side. :)

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