The Five Minute Battle

At the militia meeting we had what we called a "Five Minute Battle" in the large blockhouse. The scenario was that we were under siege in the blockhouse and that we had to shoot off thru the gun ports in the walls. We did this with the windows and door closed.

The smoke from the pans of the muzzleloaders was thick and clung to everything. The sparks from the pans flew everywhere, and reloading in the dark was difficult... as I was unable to see how much powder was going into the pan and how much was falling down the barrel. By the time we stopped firing, the smoke was so thick that I couldn't make out faces across the room, only silhouettes.

It was really amazing. While we didn't meet our goal of 120 shots fired over the course of the five minutes, it was still a great experience. The poor guy to my right could barely get a shot off, I think the touch-hole from the pan to the barrel was stopped up.

I've already got plans for the next muster... more on that soon! Wanted to get these additional images from the battle up.

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