Mansker's Militia

The event that I've been planning for what seems like forever finally took place over the weekend... The first interest meeting of Mansker's Militia!

Friday, Saturday and a portion of sunday were dedicated to an interest meeting for the men volunteers of Mansker's Station. The Militia is basically a group started for the volunteers BY the volunteers for the purposes of sharing knowledge and educating the members of the group... building relationships and mutual enjoyment of all involved.

We hosted about 21 guys from all over the place... with guys even coming from as far away as Kentucky, Alabama and Mississippi. Many representing other sites like American Village, Rock Castle and Bledsoe's Fort

Some of the events that took place over the weekend were drills of the Manual of Arms, practice marching in formation, a 2 mile perimeter march of the park in full pack and weapons, and a simulated battle with all the guys closed up in the big blockhouse. The black powder smoke was incredibly thick and poured out of the gun-ports and windows afterward, it was an amazing sight.

Special thanks go out to Ashley at the fort for letting us have the special encampment, to Martin for is invaluable assistance & to Kris(ten) for her help in taking these great images!)


Berwick said...

Fantastic uniform and pictures!
Funny though, the main thing I want to ask - is that your own hair or a wig?!


The Doctor said...

Thanks for the compliment!

No, that is NOT my real hair... it's a wig I got not long ago. This was my first time to wear it out... it was like wearing a helmet made of fur, but it did keep my head warm!

I should have more pix and a report of the event up soon.

And the best news... I purchased a 'clever blue box' for the doctor this weekend... it needs a little modification... but I can make good use of it.

I'll try to get a picture up of it in the near future