Jane Austen Festival Part 2

The duel at half past two drew a great crowd of onlookers to the Village Green.

I bid the growing throng to not come too close for fear of being struck by a glancing shot.

Mr. Cushing, Mr. Minnis' second, loads the pistol.

Several shots were exchanged, until finally, Mr. Minnis was struck and downed. I attended him, as was my duty. Mr. Minnis shortly thereafter, succumbed to the fatal wound.

Mr. Minnis' final moments.

By three o'clock I was back in the office to give more talks about the medical profession, but as the hour wore on, I could hear the gentlemen beginning to assemble next door in the Hellfire Club. As I was engaged until four that afternoon, I took several opportunities to poke my head in the window and remind the fellows not to drink up all the beer and rum before I could arrive to sample it.

My view through the back window.

When four o'clock finally arrived, I locked up the door to the office and went around to the entrance of the Hellfire Club to find it well underway. The gents were assembled around a large table, drinking, smoking and playing cards. There was a good deal of mirth and camaraderie to be had that afternoon.

The view from inside the Hellfire Club, mine is the empty chair and the unattended hand.

I cleaned up and got ready for the ball to be held that evening, and Miss Graham fixed Lucy's hair so as to make her more presentable.

...to be continued.

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Lauren said...

Wonderful pictures! I think the Hellfire picture is my favorite.