The Duel at Corydon

The following is an account of the duel outside the Corydon Courthouse in the newly formed state of Indiana between the Doctor and Mr. H--------.

The coward, Mr. H-------, with no second to attend him, attacks me before the scheduled duel. The militia Captain and the Parson look on.

The Captain calls out for the militia to stop the altercation.
Make note, Mr. H------- already has his weapon in hand. The coward!

The militia surround Mr. H--------,  as the Captain informs me that dueling is illegal in the newly formed state of Indiana. But that if we persist, it will be done by HIS rules and authority.

Mr. H------- has no second to aid him, so the Captain orders the Sergeant to select a volunteer from the gathered onlookers. You can see the Sgt has selected the poor fellow in the blue shirt from  the crowd.

The Captain calls us to the center of the grounds to face one another.

Our weapons loaded and passed off to us by our seconds, the militia Captain explains the rules of conduct.

We turn back to back and pace off ten steps.

The Captain orders us to turn and take aim!
The crowd holds its breath. be continued.

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