My Life of Late

T SEEMS like a great deal of time has passed since last I took up to write in this journal. My mind has not been as devoted to it as it has been in the past, it has been preoccupied with other things. Life, the girls, my writing of papers for the benefit of others being among just a few of the distractions.

Currently, I have been retained to create a series of broadsides that contain an amusing (and rather bawdy) song about the Cherokee for mr. N. Kobuck. I have additionally been retained to write a series of letters of various sorts, and an indenture contract. The contract will be my first.

I have also been retained by mr. Farmer of Fort Boonesborough in Kentuckee to attend their coming event at the end of this present month, as well as an additional event in November for the 'Kentuckee Woodsmen' and one again in Febry of next year in which I will give a chat by the fireside. I have been made to understand that, as a visiting guest, I will have a cabin for my use while I am there.

Captain Johnson, late of Schoenbrunn Village, above ye Ohio, was very kind to send me images of the cabin I will be staying in when I travel there next month to demonstrate the art & mystery of Physick. I believe he called it the 'Connor' cabin... two white washed rooms separated by a dog-trot.

This nicely furnished room shall be used as my office,
a fantastic space for a 'consulting' physician.

This room shall obviously be my sleeping quarters,

tho' I imagine I shall have little use for the cradle!

An exterior view of the 'Connor' cabin.

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