I visited Locust Grove this weekend... and I met someone who recognized me strictly because he'd been reading this journal! He called me out by name as I was passing Doc Muzzy's tent... I'd never seen the guy before. What an interesting feeling to be known by a stranger! Woo-hoo, internet.

So I've decided that I needed to freshen my journal up a bit, and to that end I have fashioned a new header graphic and will be altering the format a little bit to make it more enjoyable to write... and hopefully more enjoyable to read.

Some of the most fun I've had in the past while writing this has been when I visited Martin's Station and wrote about my experiences 'in character'. Therefore, I think I'll start doing more of that sort of thing. I'll post all my 'in character' writings in regular text like this...

...and I'll post all my photo captions and 'out-of-character' comments in italic, like this.

I should have a report up of my four day marathon as the Doctor up in the new format soon.

Thanks for reading out there in internet-land you strange and wonderful people!

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