Tennessee History Festival 2008

Dennis Boggs as President Abraham Lincoln

I took part in the Tennessee History event this weekend. Where else in the city could you listen to a speech given by Abe Lincoln, watch a battle from WWII, and be invited to dine with a group of southern belles from the Civil War era?

Other folks in attendance were Sam Davis, General Andrew Jackson, Sgt. Alvin C. York, a group of Black Federalist Troops from the Civil War, Spanish Conquistadors in their armor, a bevy of WWII troops and vehicles... it was lots of fun.

I ate lunch with President Lincoln on Friday after he gave one of his speeches and we talked alot about my Doctor interpretation, he offered up lots of really good advice for me taking my show out and about. What a great guy. He's been doing Lincoln full time for nine years now... I was impressed.

Meet Mr. Lincoln

I must've had my picture taken 50 times on Saturday, and I gave out about as many of my business cards. Which reminds me, time to reorder... I'm all out.


I should have some pictures from the event soon!

History Festival Pix from 2007

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