Lucy, Molly and I went out to the fair at Fort Loudoun in Vonroe, TN on Saturday. We took Janice and Rachel with us and split the gas...

What an amazing site! The fort is fantastic, and the volunteers and staff were extremely friendly.

The year for the fair I believe was roughly 1761, right toward the last few years of the French and Indian war... in which Fort Loudoun played a role. This is a proud moment in the life of THIS time-traveler, it was the farthest back I've ever gone and participated! There was a battle between a assemblage of French and British soldiers, and a bevy of natives and irregulars. The British troops, in their rusty orange uniforms, drove off the dark blue clad Frenchmen, and routed the irregulars.

Some of the buildings in the fort... barracks on the end of the row, with the infimary at the top closest to the viewer.

I met with a young woman who acted in the stead of the regular fort Physician. She was very knowledgable and gave a great demonstration. After viewing their medical set up here, I now know EXACTLY what I want my own set up to look like!

Three beds for the sick and injured... by jove it was the closest thing I've seen to a full blown colonial era hospital... very exciting!

Lucy, Molly and Rachel swam in their shifts in the lake after the public had gone. A great number of the other participants went for a swim as well.

Afterward, about half past five or so, the soldiers (and others) were lined up and given their rum ration. Powerful stuff... it ate the varnish off of Steve Caudill's tea cup. I turned it down, not only because I had to drive home, but the smell was such as to put a tear in your eye.

After two rounds of rum rations for the men, the singing and dancing began. I've never seen so many flushed cheeks.

Unfortunately, the girls and I had to pack up and head home... the three hour drive was a bear. But the girls played and sang in the back seat the entire way.


Berwick said...

Does that lady in the corner of the picture have her head in her hands with despair? Or is it just too much rum?

The Doctor said...

While I'd love to report that it was 'too much rum', I'm afraid she's probably just overheated.